West End

Upscale living tucked away the City without Limits

Hidden in the West End of Allentown between the Fairgrounds, Cedar Beach Park (past home of MayFair and Sportsfest), and Muhlenberg College, Above and Beyond has been quietly serving the personal care needs of residents for over 5 years. This location of Above and Beyond is licensed for up to 36 residents, but it’s so quiet the neighbors don’t even know it’s there! West End Above & Beyond is just minutes from major highways like Route 22, 309, I-78, or Route 222. In case of an emergency, it is less than a 10 minute drive to any of several nationally-ranked local hospitals. Better yet, it’s located minutes away from shopping, museums, amusement park, colleges, arts and entertainment venues, and much, much more. Best of all, we have a front row seat to watch the annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade as it marches through the streets of Allentown.

Our Accomodations

With a smaller floor plan, our residents feel right at home. Step out the door of the bedroom, take a few steps down the hallway and find yourself in the living room or dining room. The living room boasts a large-screen TV, so residents with vision problems can still enjoy watching their favorite movie, or cheering on their favorite team! Later on, watch the changing seasons from the wall of windows in the sunroom, or enjoy the outdoors on our sunporch. We even have a raised garden (in season) for those who prefer the taste of home-grown produce! If you happen to visit on a Friday afternoon, don’t be surprised to smell the scent of fresh baked bread because that’s Pizza Day!


Within a block of the Personal Care Home are several options for independent living. Choices range from private bedroom with shared living room & dining room, to private bedroom suite, or even 1 or 2 bedroom apartments.

No personal care services are provided by Above & Beyond for independent living residents. However, this is a great option for residents able to take care of their own needs, just not the demands of running a household. Additionally, you can feel more secure when our staff check on you daily, just to make sure you’re doing ok.

514 N. 22nd Street Allentown, PA 18104


  • Pendants

    Our residents are assigned a pendant to wear when they move in.  This pendant can be pressed to request assistance from the staff, and is linked to the resident’s room number.

  • Bathroom & Shower Call Stations

    Our bathrooms and shower rooms are equiped with emergency call stations, easily activated by pulling a cord, to summons the staff quickly.

  • Wander Guard System

    On admission residents are assessed for level of supervision required. A wander guard wrist or ankle alarm is given to appropriate residents, which then sets off an audible alarm if that person crosses an alarmed door.

  • Pager system

    Our direct care staff (called “PCA’s) carry pagers, which notify them of pendant calls, emergency calls, or wander guard alerts. With this system, all the staff can rapidly respond to calls and emergencies.

  • Fire Safety

    If the unexpected happens, our building is equiped with a fire alarm system with pull stations and extinguishers located throughout the home. We also have a building-wide sprinkler system, and full fire suppression system in our kitchens.

    All staff are trained about fire prevention and evacuation on their first day, and at least annually afterward. Finally, our building has monthly fire drills, which everyone (staff and residents) is required to participate in.